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Color Matching

To obtain a fast and accurate colour match, it is necessary that the end user and colorant supplier work very closely together. Components of the compound, such as resin and filler, can contribute to the final color. Therefore, the colour match should be performed in a compound, which is similar to the final compound. Prior to a colour match, some preparation is necessary. The molder should provide to Polycolors the compound to be used in colour matching.

Coloured Gelcoats

We can supply Coloured Gelcoats plus a mixing charge. This way we can give a rapid service for all normal colour ranges such as British Standard and RAL. This can reduce your stockholding of pre-pigmented Gelcoat – which in turn reduces the risk of the material getting gelled and spoiled.

Technical Service

The Technical Service group acts as a liaison between the technology of Polycolors and its application by our customers. This liaison includes one or more of the following:

1. Problem Solving
Our technical experience and “know-how” provides a capability for solving problems involving our products. Customers routinely look to Polycolors for advice and solutions.

2. Technical Direction
We meet with new customers and, by interpreting their needs, direct them to the appropriate Polycolors product and provide technical information on its proper use.

3. Customer Support
We are available at any time to discuss the status of customer projects. We can provide the interface between our customers and our laboratory to resolve any of your problems.

4. New Product Development
If you have an idea for a new product, please talk to our Technical Service Representative. We can define a new product and assist in making it happen.