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Polycolors range of high quality pigment pastes offer user a wide range of distinct color shades, specifically formulated to impart weather ability and color fastness. All Polycolors pigment pastes are UV stablized and manufactured to world class quality standards using the most modern mixing,blending and color matching equipments, each shade goes through 100% quality check by highly trained staff.


Epomatrix- Laminating Epoxy is best suitable to your Shipbuilding, Windmill Blades, Tooling and Wood Lamination applications by hand lay-up and Infusion.


Polywax 777 has been chosen by the laminators as their prior choice for its faster spreading,easy removal and yields higher ouster than the other paste waxes. This premium wax compound delivers perfect reproduction of detail again and again.


Polymat is a widely accepted brand of Chopped Strand Mat in the region and popular for its high quality and consistency, the resin:fibre ratio is very economical in all ranges of Polymat like Polywoven Roving, Poly Tissue and it is compatible with Polyester,Vinylester Resins used for Shipbuilding, Yachts, Water Tanks, Car Sheds, Pipes and recreational items.


MEPOXE is a general purpose Methyl EthylKetone Peroxide (MEKP-O) used for the curing of Unsaturated Polyester Resins, Gelcoats & Castings in the presence of Cobalt Accelerator at room and elevated temperatures. The high quality MEPOXE is renowned for its consistency produced as per the technology and supervision of Kawaguchi – Japan in Indonesia.


POLY-SILICA is high quality fluffy white powder with a specific surface area of 200m2/gm, widely used by the major Gelcoat, Putty, Paint & Adhesive manufacturers for Rheology,Thixotropy Control, Thickening and antisagging etc.


Vacuum Infusion Consumables like Peel Ply, Infusion Mesh,Bagging Film, Perforated Film, PTFE Coated Fabrics Double Side Tape, Breather, Sealant Tape, Connector, Omega Profile, Tubes, Valves, Spiral Wrap,Flash Tape, re-usable sprayable vacuum bags


Polyfoam Middle East LLC is a leading manufacturer of Polyurethane (PU) and Polyisocynnurate (PIR) foam insulation products, the PU sheets are widely used in the boat industry to replace heavy and expensive wood structures with its various density and thickness. PIR is a fire-retardent insulation used for cold insulation in district cooling plants.


The world’s largest manufacturer of fine hand tools for the fibreglass and composite industries since 1973. ESM’s range of products include Gelcoat Spray Guns, Paddle, Fin and Corner Rollers, Wedges, Squeegees, Fibre Cutting equipments, Scissors, Mil Gauges, Catalyst Dispensers and Roller Cleaners.


JM Compounds is specialised in manufacturing of fine quality Buffing Compounds for over 30years, it proudly serves Automotive and Marine industries. The company policy is to Constantly Strives for Quality improvement which allows to approach Zero defects with low cost.


Carbon Fibre has become the most inevitable part of a composite manufacturer, comparing steel and other metallic reinforcements, Carbon Fibre is light weight and high strength. Carbon Fibre is availble in various densities from 125gsm to 660gsm with 1k, 3k, 6k & 12k


Acrylic Solid Surface Filler is an ATH based filler system with synthetic chips used to create granite effects. We have more than 120 base colors with color matching facility to your special needs. The fillers are available in both Cast & Spray grades.


POLYCLEEN is the ultimate cleaning agent diluted in water. It is today’s most environmentally sound alternative for all who wish to strike a healthy balance between ecology and economics when it comes to cleaning surfaces and tools. PolyCleen is soap not a solvent. Rather than dissolving the resin, PolyCleen simply washes uncured resins from tools, brushes , rollers moulds etc. The concentrate is mixed with 95% of water so its acts more or less like a dishwashing soap. PolyCleen is an aqueous cleaner and as opposed to most solvents in use, does not evaporate only the water evaporates! This alone saves the PolyCleen user 30 to 40 percent in cost.


PolyCleen Disinfectant & Sanitizer is an approved product of Dubai Municipality. PolyCleen hand sanitizing gel and liquid Act quickly for germ and bacteria-free hands. PolyCleen hand sanitizing Gel & Liquid contains 70% Alcohol. Its Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and germs. PolyCleen Hand sanitizing gel and liquid moisturizers such as Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Vitamin E, and the lavender fragrance leave your hands and surfaces smelling fresh and clean. PolyCleen Hand sanitizing gel and liquid is rinse-free, non-sticky, and quick drying.


Neo SpillNill is made using Nano Technology concept and is much superior to other conventional absorbents. It is much light weighted and is 100% natural, eco friendly and made from renewable resources. This product is mainly developed to absorb Oil of any type, animal fluids, curry or any other spills that is in liquid form.